Better moisture resistance of U-shaped bolts, fasteners you should know

  • Use impregnating paint that does not contain oxidizing components, such as epoxy urethane or unmodified epoxy impregnating paint. Use paint that does not contain volatile acids. Use solvent-free paint as much as possible for vibration machinery.
  • When melamine dipping varnish is used, the curing temperature and curing time should be adjusted. The curing temperature should be slightly higher than 130°C (such as 135°C) and the curing time should be greater than 180 minutes, and it is necessary to strictly implement the process. Especially in the high temperature and humid season, because from the perspective of anti-rust, the regular paint drying (curing) moments in the samples of the paint factory are not necessarily sufficient, and the motor has a specific internal shape.
  • The anti-corrosion treatment of the surface of stainless steel screws refers to the use of various methods to apply a maintenance layer on the metal surface. Its function is to isolate the metal from the corrosive environment to prevent the occurrence of the corrosion process, or to reduce the contact between the corrosive medium and the metal surface. To achieve the purpose of preventing or reducing corrosion.

At the same time, pay special attention to the skills of screw selection:

1. The mechanical properties of the screw material, especially the strength. Some screws need higher strength, so choose the higher strength of the screw material itself.

2. The requirements of working conditions on the corrosion resistance of materials. Some screws of the standard parts network are used in products with strong corrosion performance, which requires us to choose screw wires with strong corrosion resistance.

3. The working temperature requires the material’s heat resistance (high temperature strength, oxidation resistance). Some screws are used in high temperature operation, which requires us to choose screw materials with high temperature resistance.

4. Requirements for material processing performance in terms of production technology. In terms of production technology, some screw wires are better to process, some are more difficult, and the hardness is harder in all aspects. This requires us to choose the appropriate hardness of the screw material, which is conducive to processing and production.

5. Other aspects, such as weight, price, and purchasing factors must be considered. The weight of the screw itself, price, purchase and other factors affect the choice of screw material, and proper consideration of these aspects can be a better choice of screw material.